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All water filters had been delivered by the end of June 2018

and distributed and installed to the families in Jim's village .


Every family in Jim's village now has

a working water filter!

Here is the course of the project:


The first 120 water filters have arrived!

On December 18th, 2017 the time had come: 120 water filters were delivered to Jim's village.

The families, who each received a water filter, were there for the delivery.

They were immediately instructed in the filter system and in the following days the families received their water filters

Pictures say more than a thousand words.

Therefore, here are some photos of the 1st delivery, the introduction and filling of the filters (it was already getting dark!):



The water filters were distributed - everyone helped!

Today, on December 19, 2017, the 120 water filters were distributed to the families. Under the direction of Jim Yav, members of each family picked up a filter with the associated organic sand.

The filter housings have been provided with a sticker in advance, which indicates the dispenser!

Not everyone could drag a filter home on their own. With his motor scooter and trailer, Jim made sure that especially old people got their filters personally delivered by him. At 8 p.m. all filters were distributed.

From December 20th the filters were installed in the families, clean drinking water is now flowing!

120 water filters are distributed and working!

Now the first 120 families have clean drinking water. The water filters are distributed and set up.

Everyone is very happy about it and extremely grateful!

2. Delivery of 95 water filters

On July 10th, 2018 the time had come ... the last 95 water filters could be handed over to the families in Jims Dorf who had not received a filter so far. Werner Helbig himself traveled to Cambodia to help with the handover. A week before the handover, Werner Helbig, Jim and a few employees prepared the water filters with stickers from Watermark eV so that it can be seen where the filters come from. Werner Helbig also used the time to get to know many people from the village. He asked residents who received the filters in December about their effectiveness. Many were enthusiastic. The failure rate has fallen sharply and there is no need to buy expensive drinking water. This is an additional relief effect, especially for people.

All 3 mayors were present at the handover. Without their help it would have been difficult to get all the villagers excited about the filters. But the mayors were very active in helping with information and organization. At the handover, many words of thanks were said to all donors in Germany. The mayor gave a speech and everyone who received a water filter was very grateful. Before the handover took place, Jim explained and showed everyone how to assemble and install the filters. Then the handover started. Thanks to the good preparation, everything went very quickly and smoothly. The mayors had compiled lists of families who were entitled to a filter. So no double assignments could happen.

The removal of the filters was a spectacle. Mostly on scooters at the back with grandma or grandchildren holding the filter housing, we went home. The mayor was the last to receive his water filter, which he also brought home with his son on the pillion.

Jim and Werner Helbig spent the following days driving to the families and helping with the installation of the water filters.

Now every family in Jim's village has an organic sand water filter.

So the project came to a successful end!

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