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The first school wash project was successfully carried out


Clean water, hygiene and waste incineration

for Chrey Primary School

(in collaboration with Clear Cambodia)

01 May 2019

WasserZeichen e.V. Wiesbaden and Clear Cambodia (Phnom Penh) will install the School Wash Program in cooperation at the Chrey Primary School. This includes a bio-sand water filter system for 250 people, a toilet system, a wash house, a waste incineration system and a didactic teaching system on the subject of hygiene. Here the teachers are trained and can teach the children the most important hygienic basics with the help of information and demonstration material. An all-round concept with "hands and feet"!

Werner Helbig was there in May and visited the school and spoke to the teachers. All are highly motivated to get the best results for the kids.

Cooperation agreement between WasserZeichen e.V. and Clear Cambodia.

Handshake between Werner Helbig and Yim Viriya (Executive Director Clear Cambodia)


The construction work of the School Wash project at the Chrey Primary School near Siem Reap in Cambodia started on May 18, 2019  began. First a latrine house with 4 toilets will be built. Watermark e. V. finances the project with the help of German donors.
The entire system with organic sand water filter system, wash house and waste incineration plant will be completed by the end of June / beginning of July 2019. An educational teaching program on the subject of hygiene rounds off the project.

The students help too!

The dredging work for the latrine building with 4 toilets is in full swing.

The buildings are slowly taking shape. The shell of the toilet house and the house for the water filters are finished!