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Construction of the facilities at Husk Community School is completed

After the preliminary work (water drilling) carried out by Husk, the construction of the buildings for the School Wash Programme started in November 2022 by our cooperation partner Clear Cambodia. At the end of January 2023, the construction of the facility was completed. Now only the tanks need to be filled and the clean drinking water can flow! Werner Helbig will fly to Cambodia again in February 2023 to inspect everything.

Preparations for the School Wash Program
at Husk Communitiy School begins (September 2022)

Water is needed to operate the biosand water filtration system, toilets and washhouse. Husk does not yet have a spring or well on its new property. Therefore, Husk arranged for a well to be drilled to pump groundwater to the surface via a pump. This is then treated by the Biosand water filters to produce drinking water.

Werner Helbig travelled to Cambodia from 27.07. - 25.08.2022

Two and a half years after my last stay in Cambodia, I flew back to Southeast Asia on 27.07.2022, very curious to see how the country had changed during the Corona pandemic. Reuniting with my Cambodian friends and meeting new people I had met through Facebook was another focus of the trip. Furthermore, I intended to visit the projects of WasserZeichen e.V.. The search for a new school for another School Wash Programme was the last item on my agenda.  I have summarised my experiences in a report which can be found here. Enjoy reading it!

Sakream Primary School

​​School wash program 2022.1 at Sakream Primary School is completed


Due to the Covid 19 situation, the new School Wash Program at Sakream Primary School was started from Germany this time. Our long-standing cooperation partner Clear Cambodia will take care of the already proven implementation in Cambodia.
Sakream Primary School is located 85 km from the provincial capital Kampong Thom. The school has 357 students and 11 teachers. There is a pre-school and grades 1-6. Clean drinking water is not available on the school grounds! At the moment there is only one toilet for everyone.
The director and the teachers are very happy that WasserZeichen e.V. will install the School Wash Program at their school.
We are building a bio-sand water filtration plant for 500 people, a toilet facility with 4 cabins, a wash house and a waste incineration plant. Furthermore, Clear Cambodia will train the teachers on hygiene.


In September 2022, the time had come: the plant could be put into operation. You can find a detailed report here!

Sakream school Celebrate the BSF Construction Completion (21).png

December 15, 2021

WasserZeichen e. V. has provided the Chrey Primary School with masks and disinfectants. In addition to clean drinking water, hygiene is another goal in which we support various schools in Cambodia.