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How does the bio-sand water filter work?


In the following, we want to show how the bio-sand water filter works, which kills up to 99.5 percent of all pathogens in the water and provides access to clean drinking water.

1. Spreading insert (metal grid)

The insert lets the water slowly drip into the filter without destroying the biological layer.

2. Water chamber

The space between the litter insert and the sand ensures that sufficient oxygen reaches the biological layer. Even when the filter is not in use, a layer of water about five centimeters high remains in the filter so that the organisms in the biological layer receive sufficient oxygen and survive.

3. Biological layer

Thread-like algae and other organisms such as plankton, protozoa and bacteria break down the organic substances in the water. Parasites, viruses and other pathogens cannot survive in this environment.

4. Sand

The surface of every grain of sand works like a microscopic deposit surface, with the help of which cloudiness, bad smells, changes in taste and harmful organisms are removed from the water. The shape and size of the sand grains are decisive for the composition of the biological layer and thus for the efficiency of the filter. The larger the grain of sand, the larger the space between the individual grains, the more coarse-pored the filter. The sand must be selected, sieved and washed at the destination of the filter in order to achieve an optimal filter result.

5th cock

Sufficient drinking water flows from the tap for eight to ten people, i.e. for a whole family.

Biosand water filter
Biosand water filter
Biosand water filter
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Biosand water filter function
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