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We offer the best photos from Cambodia by Werner Helbig  in the form of Alu-Dipond pictures.

The photos are available in gallery quality in the sizes 40x60 cm.

From the price per mural 10 € go to WasserZeichen e.V. as a donation.

Info and order under contact  .

With direct printing, you get a reflection-free matt finish for your motifs - thanks to state-of-the-art 7-color technology. White and light areas of the image shimmer slightly. The composite material Alu-Dibond ensures high image quality as well as stability.

Hanging your aluminum print is straightforward and hassle-free. We supply a free hanging system with appropriate instructions for every print. The supplied cushion gives the impression that your print is floating parallel to the wall.


Photo 1:

Angkor Wat at sunrise

Photo 2:

Western Gate of Angkor

1KambPhoto 0146-2.jpg
1KambPhoto 0265-2.jpg

Photo 3:

Temple of Preah Khan

1KambPhoto 0143.JPG

Photo 4:

Area around Shra Srang / Angkor

Kambausw 0491.JPG
1KambPhoto 0163b.JPG

Photo 6: Ta Prohm temple

1KambPhoto 0255.JPG

Photo 7: Ta Prohm temple

Photo 5:

Bayon temple

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