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Sakream school Celebrate the BSF Constru
Sakream school Celebrate the BSF Constru
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Dear friends of WasserZeichen e.V.,

WasserZeichen e.V. was again successful this year Cambodia employed.

The School Wash Program at Husk Community School, which began in 2022, was completed in January and, like all other projects, is running without problems.

Werner Helbig was in Cambodia in February 2023 and visited WasserZeichen e.V.'s previous projects again.

It's nice to see how well the biosand water filters and sanitary facilities are used in everyday life. The schools ensure care and maintenance.

Since the association was founded in 2017, WasserZeichen e.V. has implemented five projects with a total donation volume of €69,000. This meant that over 2,500 students and 250 families could be sustainably supplied with clean drinking water and everyone could be offered better hygienic conditions.

With one last School Wash Programm we will end the club's work. It has become increasingly difficult for our small association to collect sufficient donations for new projects.

We are therefore particularly pleased that the required total amount of approx. €11,000 was able to be collected thanks to your help for the association's last project. The contract with our local cooperation partner Clear Cambodia has already been signed. The project will be located at Mohasamaki Primary School near Siem Reap. Preparations are already underway! Completion is expected in May 2024. Werner Helbig will personally check the progress of the construction work in February/March 2024 and will also visit all of the association's other projects! This will continue to happen in the future so that sustainability will be guaranteed.

If you would like to continue supporting the School Wash programs, you can contact directly Clear Cambodia donate. In doing so, you support the same work as before!

Now all that remains is to say thank you very much to all donors on behalf of the board of WasserZeichen e.V. With your support, you have helped to ensure that children in Cambodia have a better future.

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